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Be agile and rise with Sodexo

Never before has a focus on quality of life been so important. Sodexo was made for this moment - Supporting people has been in our DNA for more than 50 years. In Asia and around the world, we are beginning to come out of prolonged pause in activities. Many are simply trying to reclaim familiar routines, while others are seizing the unprecedented opportunity to reimagine what’s possible and embrace new ways to live, work, care, and play. We enable this through rise with Sodexo, a systematic, comprehensive approach to help you prepare and implement changes to your daily operations. It's customised for each client, prioritising safety, wellbeing and productivity, so that everyone can get back to the business of living.

Our approach: rise with Sodexo

Using a practical, data-driven process, Sodexo establishes a clear approach to help your business or organisation reopen safely and address the needs of our new reality. We will also help you to identify areas of opportunity to push your business forward, aligning your solutions with key stakeholders such as human resources, IT, facilities management and health and safety

PREPARE to reopen with confidence

As you prepare to reopen, we’ll take you through our clear restart framework - a systematic approach, customized to the unique requirements of your organization, to help your teams return to work safely and confidently. You’ll have access to Sodexo’s proprietary process developed from our data and experience reopening businesses around the world after COVID-19 shutdowns.

PROTECT your team's health and safety

Our top priority is the security of all employees, consumers and the communities we serve. It is essential that buildings and workspaces remain healthy and safe for everyone, while also paying attention to the impacts on productivity, emotions and morale created by new measures.

ENABLE access to healthy eating

To come back strong, its vital to consider the whole employee experience. Facilitate faster and easier access to delicious, nourishing food choices at a proper physical distance.

SUPPORT wellbeing services

Without proactive efforts, these adjustments may impact morale and culture, or lead to loneliness. Creating culture and community is a long-game and is needed now more than ever, even at a time when business-critical activities are being threatened. We help you support and encourage your people, keeping them connected and productive.

OPTIMIZE physical spaces

Even though collaboration may not look the same, it can’t be stopped. During the transition to your next normal, the spaces throughout your locations will need to evolve alongside your changing processes and expectations. Sodexo can help you to create a more effective, tech-driven workspace to facilitate different working styles and arrangements.

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