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Two Sodexo employees standing on a roof in overalls, googles and hard hats

Property & Asset Management

Workplace and Technical Services: Improving Efficiency and Operational Excellence

It’s a changing, demanding environment with many challenges. How can you create workplaces that make life better for your employees? How can we help you increase efficiency and achieve operational excellence? Sodexo provides solutions to these questions every day.

Technical Services

Everyone agrees that silos make organisations less efficient. Services like general repairs, technical maintenance and asset management work better when they work together. From the simple to the complex. We are able to meet your everyday needs through a range of technical services.. Your assets are well taken care of by veterans in engineering, maintenance, building works and more.

General repairs: Improving the service experience

When things go wrong, you want to be sure they can be put right – quickly and efficiently. Ideally you’ll have immediate, personal technical support with a high level of care. That’s what Sodexo provides.

Technical maintenance: Increasing operational efficiency

The efficiency of your organisation rests on your shoulders. You need to be focused on core operations, not technical issues. Sodexo’s one-stop solution takes all technical maintenance problems off your desk, provides response and ensures the continuity of your business.

Asset management : Achieving operational excellence

You’ve calculated the return on your assets. But in the long term, can you ensure you’re your risks, costs and performance will stay at an agreed, controlled level? Sodexo Asset Management can. With Sodexo's Command Centre, timely support for all your facilities request is also never too far away.

Property management

Property is a huge investment. How do you make sure you get maximum yield and utility? It's world-class property management. Sodexo provides a full suite of property management solutions – from space and energy management to real estate support services.

Space management: A smarter use

Re-arranging your work space isn’t just a cosmetic exercise. A well-laid out floor plan can have a dramatic effect on your employee and client experience. Sodexo can review your space and propose improvements in line with workplace best practices. From social spaces and focus pods to ideation rooms and fitness corners, our designs support all styles of working within one office.

Energy management: More savings, better efficiencies

Utility costs are rising. Environmental concerns are intensifying. From utilities expenses to project investment, Sodexo’s energy management capability is second to none. Our latest IoT platform integrates all aspects of facilities management into one dashboard so you can easily track energy usage, electrical distribution and occupancy and automate actions to drive energy savings.

Project Management

Need a global level of excellence? Gold standards for health and safety, cost optimisation and risk evaluation? This is what we do everyday with the Sodexo Project Management Framework.

Project works: High standards across the board

Sodexo's Project Management Framework standards scale from the smallest maintenance project to the most massive to ensure that every job is completed consistently and efficiently.

Fit outs: Custom designs for each space and situation

Clients aren’t just looking for suppliers, they want trusted partners. Especially when it comes to restructuring their workplace. You need to understand their vision and provide remodels and retrofits that support it. Just look at Sodexo APAC House, where we have created a myriad of workspaces – from silent pods to height-adjustable desks and hangout spots – to cater to all styles of working.

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