Schools and Universities

Schools and Universities

From pre-school through tertiary institutions, we support students on their path to adulthood. To help them achieve their academic aspirations, Sodexo fosters a healthy lifestyle and creates living and learning environments that are conducive to success.

Nutrition & Well-being

Healthy eating patterns promote optimal childhood health and growth. With this in mind, Sodexo emphasizes the importance of good nutrition in the schools menu. Sodexo in Malaysia provides meals to more than 3,000 students per day with age groups ranging between 3 to 16 years old. Nutritional wellbeing is an integral part at this age and therefore Sodexo offers these kids a variety of healthy choices to foster a healthy lifestyle for these children while they are at school. Our dieticians plan out a comprehensive healthy menu that gives these children the balance in nutrition they need growing up.

Conducive environment

Comfortable environments enhance both the lives and learning abilities of students, as well as the focus and dedication of faculty and school staffs. We understand that adopting good environmental practices and optimizing facilities gives schools an important competitive advantage. Sodexo’s efficient plant operations respond to the needs of schools while optimizing operating budgets.

Safety and hygiene are vital especially when it comes to children. Sodexo places great emphasis on not just food safety and hygiene but also in ensuring the common dining area as well as the kitchen, food storage facility as well as the food preparation area is systematically kept clean and safe.

Functions & Banquets
Apart from operating the student cafeteria, we also undertake functions and banqueting services as needed from time to time by our clients. Our teams are ever ready to help our customers plan thematic functions complete with props to complement the event theme.


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